Searchable, sortable list of plants.

These are the plants in the yard. Previous homeowners planted a few of them. My sister planted a few. A few others planted themselves. I planted the rest.

* Plant information taken from the sources listed on the 'Resources' page, along with my own experience.

    Thumb Common Name Scientific Name Type Sun Moisture Height Width Season Notes
    Golden Alexander Alexander, Golden Zizia aurea forb F-PS M-W 1-3 spr Caterpillar host for black swallowtails.
    Mountain Ash Ash, Mountain Sorbus decora tree F M-W 20-35 15-25 fall
    Aromatic Aster Aster, Aromatic Symphyotrichum oblongifolium forb F M-D 1-2 1 fall Late bloomer.
    Heart Leaved Aster Aster, Heart Leaved Symphyotrichum cordifolium forb PS-S M 2-4 1 fall Excellent for bees.
    New England Aster Aster, New England Symphyotrichum novae-angliae forb F-PS M 3-5 2 fall
    Smooth Aster Aster, Smooth Symphyotrichum laeve forb F-PS M-D 3-5 1 fall
    Baneberry, Red Actaea rubra forb P-S M 2-3 1 sum
    Blue Beech Beech, Blue Carpinus caroliniana tree F-S M 20-30 20-30 all Shade tolerant. Good fall color
    Bergamot Bergamot Monarda fistulosa forb F M-D 2-4 1-1.5 sum Bergamot is like beer.
    Birch, European White Betula pendula tree sum Not a native birch.
    Meadow Blazing Star Blazing Star, Meadow Liatris ligulistylis forb F M 3-4 sum Monarch favorite!
    Blazing Star, Prairie Liatris pycnostachya forb F-PS W-M 2-4 .5 sum
    Bloodroot Bloodroot Sanguinaria canadensis forb S-PS M .5 spr Early blooming woodland flower.
    Blueberry Blueberry Vaccinium x 'Northsky' shrub F M 4 3-4 sum Hybrid variety.
    Boneset Eupatorium perfoliatum forb F-PS W-M 3-4 1 sum
    Cardinal Flower Cardinal Flower Lobelia cardinalis forb F-PS W-M 2-4 .5 sum Hummingbird favorite.
    Royal Catchfly Catchfly, Royal Silene regia forb F M-D 2-3 1 sum
    Glossy Black Chokeberry Chokeberry, Glossy Black Aronia melanocarpa shrub F-PS W-D 4-6 4-6 fall
    Chokecherry, Common Prunus virginiana tree F-P M-D 20-35 12-15 sum
    Purple Prairie Clover Clover, Purple Prairie Dalea purpurea forb F M-D 1-3 sum Polinator favorite. Protect from rabbits.
    Wild Columbine Columbine, Wild Aquilegia canadensis forb F-PS M-D 1-3 1 sum
    Common Ox-eye Heliopsis helianthoides forb F-P M-W 2-4 1.5 sum
    Purple Coneflower Coneflower, Purple Echinacea purpurea forb F-PS M 3-4 2-3 sum
    Coralberry Symphoricarpos orbiculatus shrub F-PS M-D 3-4 4-6 fall
    American Cranberry Cranberry, American Viburnum trilobum shrub F-S M 6-12 6-12 all Good for all seasons.
    Culvers Root Veronicastrum virginicum forb F-P W-M 2-6 1 sum
    Cup Plant Silphium perfoliatum forb F W-D 3-8 1-2 sum
    Gray Dogwood Dogwood, Gray Cornus racemosa shrub F-PS M 8-12 6-10 fall
    Pagoda Dogwood Dogwood, Pagoda Cornus alternifolia tree F-S M 15-20 20-25 fall
    Dogwood, Red-twigged Cornus sericea shrub F-PS M-W 6-12 6-12 fall
    Dogwood, Roundleaf Cornus rugosa shrub PS-S M-D 10 8-10 fall
    Fern, Cinnamon Osmunda cinnamomea forb F-S W-M 3-4 2-3 spr-fall
    Fern, Ostrich Matteuccia struthiopteris forb F-S W-M 2-4 2-3 spr-fall
    Fern, Sensitive Onoclea sensibilis forb F-S W-D 1 1-2 spr-fall
    Balsam Fir Fir, Balsam Abies balsamea tree F-S M 50 20 all
    Foxglove Penstemon Penstemon digitalis forb F-PS D-M 3-4 1 sum
    Rigid Goldenrod Goldenrod, Rigid Oligoneuron riddellii forb F W-M 3-4 1 sum
    Missouri Gooseberry Gooseberry, Missouri Ribes missouriensis shrub S M-D 3-6 3-6 sum
    Hackberry Hackberry Celtis occidentalis tree F-PS M-D 50-75 50-75 win
    Witch Hazel Hazel, Witch Hamamelis virginiana shrub F-S M 20-30 25-35 fall Shade tolerant. Blossoms in the fall.
    Hazelnut, American Corylus americana shrub F-PS M 6-12 6-12 fall
    Sharp-Lobed Hepatica Hepatica, Sharp-Lobed Hepatica nobilis forb S M .5 spr Early blooming woodland flower.
    Grape Honeysuckle Honeysuckle, Grape Lonicera prolifera vine F-S M 10 1 sum
    Anise Hyssop Hyssop, Anise Agastache foeniculum forb F-PS M 2-3 1 sum
    Ironweed Vernonia fasciculata forb F-PS W-M 4-6 1 sum
    Jack-in-the-Pulpit Jack-in-the-Pulpit Arisaema triphyllum forb PS-S M-D 1-2 1 fall
    Joe-pye-Weed Joe-pye-Weed Eutrochium maculatum forb F-PS W-M 4-6 2 sum
    Leatherwood Dirca palustris shrub PS-S M-W 6 3-6 spr
    Yellow Trout Lily Lily, Yellow Trout Erythronium americanum forb S M .5 spr Early blooming woodland flower.
    Lobelia, Great Blue Lobelia siphilitica forb F-PS M 1-3 1 sum
    Wild Lupine Lupine, Wild Lupinus perennis forb F-PS D 1-2 1 spr
    Mountain Maple Maple, Mountain Acer spicatum tree PS-S W 20-30 15-25 sum Good fall color.
    Sugar Maple Maple, Sugar Acer saccharum tree F-S M 60 40-50 sum Good fall color.
    Marigold, Marsh Caltha palustris forb F-S W 1-2 1 sum
    Butterfly Milkweed Milkweed, Butterfly Asclepias tuberosa forb F-PS D-M 2-3 1 sum Monarch host plant.
    Common Milkweed Milkweed, Common Asclepias syriaca forb F-PS D-M 2-5 1 sum Monarch host plant.
    Swamp Milkweed Milkweed, Swamp Asclepias incarnata forb F W-M 3-4 1 sum Monarch host plant.
    Unknown Mushroom Mushroom, Unknown Unknown forb
    Nannyberry Nannyberry Viburnum lentago shrub F-PS M 12-16 8-12 fall
    Bur Oak Oak, Bur Quercus macrocarpa tree F-PS M 60-80 60-80 fall Provides more value than any other plant.
    Petunia, Wild Ruellia humilis forb F-PS M-D .5-2 sum
    Prairie Phlox Phlox, Prairie Phlox pilosa forb F-PS M-D 1-2 sum
    Phlox, Wild Blue Phlox divaricata forb PS-S M .5-2 spr Woodland flower.
    Red Pine Pine, Red Pinus resinosa tree F M-D 75 35-55 all
    Raspberry Raspberry Rubus shrub F-PS M 3-6 6-12 sum Uncertain variety.
    Rattlesnake Master Eryngium yuccifolium forb F-P M 3-4 1 sum
    Smooth Rose Rose, Smooth Rosa blanda shrub F-PS M-D 3-6 6-8 sum Pretty aggresive.
    Rye, Wild unknown grass F-P 2-4 Not sure what type of wild rye.
    Sedge, Wood Carex rosea forb P-S M-W 1 1 sum
    Downy Serviceberry Serviceberry, Downy Amelanchier arborea shrub F-PS M-D 15-25 10-15 spr
    Amethyst Shooting Star Shooting Star, Amethyst Dodecatheon amethystinum forb F-S M .5-1.5 .5 spr
    Sneezeweed Sneezeweed Helenium autumnale forb F-PS W-M 3-5 2 sum
    Common Snowberry Snowberry, White Symphoricarpos albus shrub F-PS W-D 3-4 4-6 sum
    Ohio Spiderwort Spiderwort, Ohio Tradescantia ohiensis forb F-PS M-D 2-4 1 sum
    Black Spruce Spruce, Black Picea mariana tree F-PS M 50 10-12 all
    Spruce, unknown Picea tree all
    White Spruce Spruce, White Picea glauca tree F-PS W-M 50 12-16 all
    Elegant Stinkhorn Stinkhorn, Elegant Mutinus elegans Not planted
    Woodland Sunflower Sunflower, Woodland Helianthus divaricatus forb S M 5-6 fall Pretty aggressive.
    Sweet Black Eyed Susan Susan, Sweet Black Eyed Rudbeckia subtomentosa forb F-PS M 3-6 1 fall
    Thimbleberry Rubus parviflorus shrub PS-S W-M 4-6 3-4 sum
    Waterleaf, Virginia Hydrophyllum virginianum forb P-S M 1-2 1 spr
    Pussy Willow Willow, Pussy Salix discolor shrub F M 20 10-12 spr
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