Searchable, sortable list of Animals.

All photos taken in the yard, except those of the red-headed woodpecker, which were taken at the family farm in South Dakota.

* Animal information taken from the sources listed on the 'Resources' page, along with my own experience.

Thumb Common Name Scientific Name Class Order Notes
Red Admiral Admiral, Red Vanessa atalanta Insecta Lepidoptera
Spring Azure Azure, Spring Celastrina spp. Insecta Lepidoptera
Common Eastern Bumble Bee Bee, Common Eastern Bumble Bombus impatiens Insecta Hymenoptera
Green Sweat Bee, Agapostemon Bee, Green Sweat, Agapostemon Agapostemon spp. Insecta Hymenoptera
Honey Bee Bee, Honey Apis mellifera Insecta Hymenoptera
Mason Bee Bee, Mason Megachilinae osmia Insecta Hymenoptera
Small Carpenter Bee Bee, Small Carpenter Xylocopinae ceratina Insecta Hymenoptera
Sweat Bee, Halictus Bee, Sweat, Halictus Halictus spp. Insecta Hymenoptera
Sweat Bee, Lasioglossum Bee, Sweat, Lasioglossum Lasioglossum spp. Insecta Hymenoptera
Bee, Tri-Colored Bumble Bombus ternarius Insecta Hymenoptera
Banded Long-horn Beetle Beetle, Banded Long-horn Typocerus spp. Insecta Coleoptera
Japanese Beetle Beetle, Japanese Popillia japonica Insecta Coleoptera #1 pest
Multicolored Asian Lady Beetle Beetle, Multicolored Asian Lady Harmonia axyridis Insecta Coleoptera
Red Milkweed Beetle Beetle, Red Milkweed Tetraopes tetrophthalmus Insecta Coleoptera
Soldier Beetle, Chauliognathus Beetle, Soldier, Chauliognathus Chauliognathus spp. Insecta Coleoptera
Red-winged Blackbird Blackbird, Red-winged Agelaius phoeniceus Aves Passeriformes
Eastern Tailed Blue Blue, Eastern Tailed Everes comyntas Insecta Lepidoptera
Eastern Bluebird Bluebird, Eastern Sialia sialis Aves Passeriformes
Northern Bluet Bluet, Northern Enallagma annexum Insecta Odonata
Indigo Bunting Bunting, Indigo Passerina cyanea Aves Passeriformes Rare visitor. One has stopped by twice.
Northern Cardinal Cardinal, Northern Cardinalis cardinalis Aves Passeriformes Regular feeder visitor. Likes black-oil sunflower seeds.
Gray Catbird Catbird, Gray Dumetella carolinensis Aves Passeriformes
Unknown Caterpillar Caterpillar, Unknown Unknown
Black-capped Chickadee Chickadee, Black-capped Poecile atricapillus Aves Passeriformes
Chipmunk Chipmunk Tamias Mammalia Rodentia
Cicada Cicada Magicicada septendecim Insecta Hemiptera
Snowberry Clearwing Clearwing, Snowberry Hemaris diffinis Insecta Lepidoptera
Brown-headed Cowbird Cowbird, Brown-headed Molothrus ater Aves Passeriformes
Northern Crescent Crescent, Northern Phyciodes cocyta Insecta Lepidoptera
American Crow Crow, American Corvus brachyrhynchos Aves Passeriformes
Damselfly, Ebony Jewelwing Calopteryx maculata Insecta Odonata
Damselfly, Northern Bluet Enallagma annexum Insecta Odonata
Common Green Darner Darner, Common Green Anax junius Insecta Odonata
White Tailed Deer Deer, White Tailed Odocoileus virginianus Mammalia Artiodactyla
Mourning Dove Dove, Mourning Zenaida macroura Aves Columbiformes
House Finch Finch, House Haemorhous mexicanus Aves Passeriformes
Northern Flicker Flicker, Northern Colaptes auratus Aves Piciformes Yellow-shafted
Syrphid Fly, Helophilus Fly, Syrphid, Helophilus Helophilus spp. Insecta Diptera
Syrphid Fly, Toxomerus Fly, Syrphid, Toxomerus Toxomerus spp. Insecta Diptera
Thick-headed Fly Fly, Thick-headed Physocephala spp. Insecta Diptera
Great Crested Flycatcher Flycatcher, Great Crested Myiarchus crinitus Aves Passeriformes
Flycatcher, Least Empidonax minimus Aves Passeriformes
Olive-sided Flycatcher Flycatcher, Olive-sided Contopus cooperi Aves Passeriformes
Fox, Red Vulpes vulpes Mammalia Carnivora
Great Spangled Fritillary Fritillary, Great Spangled Speyeria cybele Insecta Lepidoptera
Gray Tree Frog Frog, Gray Tree Hyla versicolor Amphibia Anura
Wandering Gider Glider, Wandering Pantala flavescens Insecta Odonata
American Goldfinch Goldfinch, American Spinus tristis Aves Passeriformes
Common Grackle Grackle, Common Quiscalus quiscula Aves Passeriformes
Rose Breasted Grosbeak Grosbeak, Rose Breasted Pheucticus ludovicianus Aves Passeriformes
Groundhog Marmota monax Mammalia Rodentia
Cooper's Hawk Hawk, Cooper's Accipiter cooperii Aves Accipitriformes
Hawk, Red-tailed Buteo jamaicensis Aves Accipitriformes
Ruby-throated Hummingbird Hummingbird, Ruby-throated Archilochus colubris Aves Apodiformes
Blue Jay Jay, Blue Cyanocitta cristata Aves Passeriformes
Dark-eyed Junco Junco, Dark-eyed Junco hyemalis Aves Passeriformes
Kinglet, Golden-crowned Regulus satrapa Aves Passeriformes
Ruby-crowned Kinglet Kinglet, Ruby-crowned Regulus calendula Aves Passeriformes
American Lady Lady, American Vanessa virginiensis Insecta Lepidoptera
Painted Lady Lady, Painted Vanessa cynthia Insecta Lepidoptera
Mallard Mallard Anas platyrhynchos Aves Anseriformes
Autumn Meadowhawk Meadowhawk, Autumn Sympetrum vicinum Insecta Odonata
Black Meadowhawk Meadowhawk, Black Sympetrum danae Insecta Odonata
Merlin Merlin Falco columbarius Aves Falconiformes
Monarch Monarch Danaus plexippus Insecta Lepidoptera
Milkweed Tussock Moth Moth, Milkweed Tussock Euchaetes egle Insecta Lepidoptera
Polyphemus Moth Moth, Polyphemus Antheraea polyphemus Insecta Lepidoptera
Squash Vine Borer Moth Moth, Squash Vine Borer Melittia cucurbitae Insecta Lepidoptera
Mourning Cloak Mourning Cloak Nymphalis antiopa Insecta Lepidoptera
Red-breasted Nuthatch Nuthatch, Red-breasted Sitta canadensis Aves Passeriformes
White-breasted Nuthatch Nuthatch, White-breasted Sitta carolinensis Aves Passeriformes
Opposum, Virginia Didelphis virginiana Mammalia Didelphimorphia
Baltimore Oriole Oriole, Baltimore Icterus galbula Aves Passeriformes
Owl, Great Horned Bubo virginianus Aves Strigiformes
Pheasant, Ring-necked Phasianus colchicus Aves Galliformes
Eastern Phoebe Phoebe, Eastern Sayornis phoebe Aves Passeriformes
Question Mark Question Mark Polygonia interrogationis Insecta Lepidoptera
Cottontail Rabbit Rabbit, Cottontail Sylvilagus floridanus Mammalia Lagomorpha #2 pest
Raccoon Procyon lotor Mammalia Carnivora
Redpoll, Common Acanthis flammea Aves Passeriformes
Red-spotted Purple Limenitis artemis Insecta Lepidoptera
American Redstart Redstart, American Setophaga ruticilla Aves Passeriformes
American Robin Robin, American Turdus migratorius Aves Passeriformes
European Sawfly Sawfly, European Neodiprion sertifer Insecta Hymenoptera
Grapevine Scarab Scarab, Grapevine Pelidnota punctata Insecta Coleoptera
Four-spotted Skimmer Skimmer, Four-spotted Libellula quadrimaculata Insecta Odonata
Skimmer, Twelve-spotted Libellula pulchella Insecta Odonata
Skipper, Silver-Spotted Epargyreus clarus Insecta Lepidoptera
Skipper, Unknown Skipper, Unknown unknown Insecta Lepidoptera Unidentified
Chipping Sparrow Sparrow, Chipping Spizella passerina Aves Passeriformes
Fox Sparrow Sparrow, Fox Passerella iliaca Aves Passeriformes
Harris's Sparrow Sparrow, Harris's Zonotrichia querula Aves Passeriformes
Sparrow, House Passer domesticus Aves Passeriformes
Sparrow, Song Melospiza melodia Aves Passeriformes
White-crowned Sparrow Sparrow, White-crowned Zonotrichia leucophrys Aves Passeriformes
White-throated Sparrow Sparrow, White-throated Zonotrichia albicollis Aves Passeriformes
Spittlebug Spittlebug Cercopidae Insecta Hemiptera
Gray Squirrel Squirrel, Gray Sciurus carolinensis Mammalia Rodentia
Red Squirrel Squirrel, Red Tamiasciurus hudsonicus Mammalia Rodentia
Black Swallowtail Swallowtail, Black Papilio polyxenes Insecta Lepidoptera
Eastern Tiger Swallowtail Swallowtail, Eastern Tiger Papilio glaucus Insecta Lepidoptera
Scarlet Tanager Tanager, Scarlet Piranga olivacea Aves Passeriformes
Hermit Thrush Thrush, Hermit Catharus guttatus Aves Passeriformes
Thrush, Wood Hylocichla mustelina Aves Passeriformes
American Toad Toad, American Anaxyrus americanus Amphibia Anura
Towhee, Eastern Pipilo erythrophthalmus Aves Passeriformes
Wild Turkey Turkey, Wild Meleagris gallopavo Aves Galliformes
Warbler, Cape May Setophaga tigrina Aves Passeriformes
Myrtle Warbler Warbler, Myrtle Setophaga coronata Aves Passeriformes
Nashville Warbler Warbler, Nashville Oreothlypis ruficapilla Aves Passeriformes
Pine Warbler Warbler, Pine Setophaga pinus Aves Passeriformes
Warbler, Tennessee Leiothlypis peregrina Aves Passeriformes
Yellow Warbler Warbler, Yellow Setophaga petechia Aves Passeriformes
Great Black Wasp Wasp, Great Black Sphex pensylvanicus Insecta Hymenoptera
Mason Wasp, Ancistrocerus Wasp, Mason, Ancistrocerus Ancistrocerus spp. Insecta Hymenoptera
Paper Wasp Wasp, Paper Polistes fuscatus Insecta Hymenoptera
Sand Wasp, Bicyrtes Wasp, Sand, Bicyrtes Bicyrtes spp. Insecta Hymenoptera
Square-headed Wasp Wasp, Square-headed Ectemnius spp. Insecta Hymenoptera
Yellowjacket Wasp, Vespula Wasp, Yellowjacket Vespula spp. Insecta Hymenoptera
Cedar Waxwing Waxwing, Cedar Bombycilla cedrorum Aves Passeriformes
Milkweed Stem Weevil Weevil, Milkweed Stem Rhyssomatus lineaticollis Insecta Coleoptera
Common Whitetail Whitetail, Common Plathemis lydia Insecta Odonata
Downy Woodpecker Woodpecker, Downy Picoides pubescens Aves Piciformes
Hairy Woodpecker Woodpecker, Hairy Picoides villosus Aves Piciformes
Pileated Woodpecker Woodpecker, Pileated Dryocopus pileatus Aves Piciformes
Red-bellied Woodpecker Woodpecker, Red-bellied Melanerpes carolinus Aves Piciformes
Red-headed Woodpecker Woodpecker, Red-headed Melanerpes erythrocephalus Aves Piciformes At the farm.
House Wren Wren, House Troglodytes aedon Aves Passeriformes
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